The Strategic Success System for High Achieving Women


The turning point is a place of pivot. It is the point of transformation for high achieving women striving for success with little to no results. 

If you're determined to drive results in your life, business and relationships to show up as the true Authority that you were created to be then you have reached you Turning Point!











We all seek opportunities to advance our lives, careers and relationships yet our lives look more like a circus. If you are juggling multiple roles, responsibilities and relationships and need a strategic success system to work smarter to obtain faster results, more energy, more time and money then the Turning Point is for you. 

Are You?

  • Searching for more time in your personal life to show up in your business?

  • Searching for more time in your business to show up in your personal life?

  • Need help creating more time, energy and money to produce the results you want?

  • Seeking support from likeminded women who get it

  • Seeking systems, processes and strategic planning to work smarter not harder

Now You're:

  • Sick and tired of living in a circus

  • Ready to command the time, attention and results you deserve

  • Ready to adopt that Leadership/Entrepreneurial Identity that fits your gifts

  • Ready to activate your gifts and emerge as the Authority you are created to be


  • You're ready to maximize your impact

  • You're ready to maximize your performance 

  • You're ready to profit because you deserve it


  • Respect, response and results

  • Control over your time, attention and money

  • Results based on your efforts


  • Your niche as an Authority

  • Your life living with intent

  • Your business:make it work for you not vice versa

Converting Soul Driven Influencers into Authorities

The Strategic Success System for High Achieving Women

"Success comes to those who lead, live and love what they do, how they do it and who they do it for!"


I know you can lead horses to water, I'll bet you can even make them drink. Lmbo...But, until you get the proper systems and process to run your life...The life of a high achieving woman of influence, it will continue to look like a circus. 

No worries, you've come to the right place.


Understand, I created this system for myself


You know why?


I'm a PhD student, military spouse, mother of 3 children with special needs, homeschool mom, full-time caregiver, chronic illness sufferer(not for long) and I almost have it all together (I won't lie, it gets messy sometimes)


But let's be real, we aren't superwomen but we really can do it all. We just need a little help



We will work on key areas of your life:


Personal, Spiritual, Health & MindSet, Money & Business


  • Dump the past and put it in its place

    We will utilize reflective processing to take a look at your life, your current systems and processes, the results you are getting and what we need to do differently

  • Determine what you want, where you want it and how to get it

    We will build your legacy from the ground up to control your time, energy, money and image according to the your vision for your life and business

  • Direct all aspects of your life as a conductor at an orchestra.

    You will synchronize your life and business to work for you. Not the other way around!

  • Communicate your wants, needs and expectations through assertive communication.

    We will change your messaging, your image, your communication, your availability and access to your goals, opportunities and contacts.

  • Demand the time, attention and results that you are looking for.

    Stop asking for permission and demand results. You are equipped to lead, you have to tell life what you want from it.

    Proactive NOT Reactive

  • Convert your time, money and efforts into results.

    If you are seeking an abundant life, your actions must reflect your expectations.

    You can’t keep sneaking up rather than showing up and get optimal results. (I tried it for 4 years, it doesn't work)

  • Celebrate your accomplishments, your efforts and your wins.

    Know your impact, know your value in order to motivate you to continue to move forward. You will learn to walk in gratitude and fulfillment as a norm. You will create the routine that works to build a sustainable life and business according to the skills you have obtained through the process. (Emotional Intelligence)

  • Dominate your market, your life and your business as the leader you were born to be.

    Put all of the tools together to SOAR into the new you as the FORCE!

Activate Your Excellence and E-M-E-R-G-E- Relaunch the New You!

The System Works

Anika Wilson is a Leadership Ambassador for Coaches & Influencers

She converts soul driven influencers into Authorities through her Strategic Success System for High Achieving Women. 

Resilience and overwhelm go hand in hand when integrated to work for your good. 

What people are saying

Results We Can Achieve Together

Resilience + Determination + Dedication + Direction + Support = Success

Amy "AJ" Bryant

The Write Place, LLC

Engineering Technical Writer at Perspecta


 I was so encouraged talking with Anika today. I was unaware of how much progress I really had made, and how close I was to achieving my goals. Talking with Anika always makes me feel less crazy- because there’s someone else that GETS it. She pointed out tools, how I could create and cross promote products very easily, and how I could leverage my skill sets into other areas to generate more profit.

Tenesha Felton

Primerica Financial Services

As a member of infinite Women’s Network, I have personally gained a new insight into how I can balance being a mom and an entrepreneur. The opportunity to meet and be around other women who are successful in today’s world has been priceless for me. Thank you Anika for believing in me and pouring into my vision.

Monica Zimmerman

Author of Creative Leadership For Modern Leaders, CEO of The Zimmerman Circle

Anika has a "can do" attitude. She follows through with her words and actions. Personable, kind and efficient, she ranks with the best.

What's Included

The System Includes

This integrative approach enforces transformation through education, application and routine building to create a sustainable lifestyle change. 

  • Business Training

    1 live business training per month, topics to include business development, marketing, productivity, branding, technology

  • Group Coaching

    2 group coaching sessions per month focusing on action steps, processing and overcoming challenges. 

  • Learning Academy

    Access to our learning academy, access to previous summits, trainings, courses and workshops.

  • Skill Building Training

    1 live personal development training per month. topics include womens health, mental health, time management, communication, money mindset, resilience, self-care

  • Personal & Business Coaching

    1 personal coaching session per month focusing on individual barriers to success; 1 business coaching session per month working on individual barriers to business success. 

  • VIP Facebook Group

    VIP Facebook group to network with other influencers, authors, speakers and coaches.


The Turning Point:

12 Month Expedition to Limitless Abundance

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